What sort of needs are hospitals looking for?

Each hospital has unique and specific needs. The lead partner church takes point in developing the relationship and determining the needs. Here is a list of the most common needs.

  •  Day Care during working hours
  • Activities for older-at-home-alone children
  • Shopping bags of groceries for pick up at hospitals (or other designated locations)
  • TeleMed (delivering medications)
  • Coordination with restaurants to provide take-home meals for hospital staff
  • Care Packages to offer stress relief
  • Blood Drives
  • Chaplain and Pastoral Care to families of patients and hospital workers
  • Making gowns and face masks for hospital workers
  • COVID 19 Testing Sites
  • Prayer and times to convey blessings

What does it mean to be a partner for a hospital?

The hospitals are looking to the church community to be the conduit for support. As they are working tirelessly to support our communities’ health needs, the Church is being called upon to care for those needs. A partner works with and communicates with the hospital’s contact to serve and support them. Our team will help connect you with the right person within the hospital. Once the relationship is established, we will help connect Churches around you to partner with you to support those needs.

Can any church partner with a hostpital?

Yes, any church can be a partner! This is a statewide call to action. With all hands on deck, we will see quick progress in the short turnaround time we realistically have. To effectively accomplish our mission, we need a lead partner church for each hospital‑acting as the liaison for the surrounding community. This is strategic and crucial in the streamlining of this process, to avoid inundating our hospitals with repeated inquiries.

Do I have to attend Church?

No! We as churches see a practical need in our communities, and we desire to do our part by providing help. If you are excited to help, we invite you to join us regardless of your beliefs! We share a common goal in this effort and want to work alongside you. Along the way, we do hope you’ll see the true heart behind what being the Church is all about!

Do you offer help for areas beyond hospitals?

This particular Care for AZ effort is directly tied to the needs of care workers and all hospitals in Arizona. The needed resources within this scope are great, and we see multiple opportunities within this goal to offer help.

Why are you doing this?

Our community is in a state of extreme crisis and physical need. But, this is a problem not only affecting one community, or even one state or one country. It’s affecting our world. How do we solve a problem that big? We start with what we are able to offer. Prayer and counsel has led us to make a concerted effort in the state of Arizona as a starting point. We want to see care workers, who are our front line warriors, and hospitals, the front lines, well supported during this time of crisis.

How can I get involved as a Church?

Even if you’re not a “lead partner” or direct liaison to a hospital, we need you as a church! Thank you! We need to gather resources and communicate in a unified way to tackle these needs effectively and quickly. We ask you to create a church account by clicking the “Create an Account” tab at the top of this page. You’ll see an option to “Create a Church Account,” and that will be the best way to get involved.

How can I get involved as an Individual?

First of all, thank you! Your support just motivates us further in this effort. Head over to the find a local church page and connect with a lead church!