Our Mission

We are a network of churches caring for and serving hospitals and their staff across the state of Arizona.

Working Together

A Network of Local Churches

One common goal among churches is the desire to connect with the community. We desire to do this in many ways, but one important way is to physically care for those who are hurting and in need. Alone, one church can do really good things! But we believe together, as a unified front of churches, we can do extraordinary things. God calls us to love and care for our neighbors. Guess what? You fall into that category. And so does each care worker battling this pandemic in our hospitals. Time to take action being what we call the “big-C-Church,” meaning a network of churches that stretches beyond just ourselves.

Supporting the Immediate Need

Caring for Hospitals & Front Line Workers

We value each hospital that is tirelessly and selflessly working to combat the effects of the coronavirus in our communities. COVID-19 has abruptly presented multiple opportunities for us to support our hospitals and care workers as they work toward saving lives. These needs are immediate and crucial to the sustainability of our hospitals. We want to systematically attack these needs in full support of those on the front lines who need to be resourced and cared for.


And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Caring for Local Hospitals in Uncertain Times

A few ways we can provide care for our care workers.

As they face unprecedented challenges each day, each shift, each patient, we want to lift up our care workers in daily prayer.

Care workers are not exempt from the basic needs we are also struggling with‑how to get groceries, toilet paper, and other physical needs.

There are urgent needs in order to allow care workers to effectively do their jobs, such as child care, blood drives, and COVID-19 testing site spaces.

We can creatively step in to assist and organize distribution of medication, hospital gowns, face masks, and other care worker resources.